Семейный альбом - Netflix

Tue 25 June 2019

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Семейный альбом - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2016-02-15

Семейный альбом - David Tukhmanov - Netflix

David Fyodorovich Tukhmanov PAR (Russian: Дави́д Фёдорович Тухма́нов, was born on July 20, 1940, in Moscow, USSR) is a Soviet and Russian composer. People's Artist of Russia (2000), State Prize of Russian Federation (2003).

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1969 Muslim Magomayev — And the Snow Will Be Tumbled Down (based on the poem by Yevgeny Yevtushenko) 1971 Yuri Gulyaev — If I Will Ill (based on the poem by Yaroslav Smelyakov) 1972 Nina Brodskaya — Our Home (lyric by Leonid Derbenyov) 1973 Karel Gott — The Ground Is Dark (lyric by Boris Cheskis) 1974 Anna German — I Won't Approach to You (lyric by Leonid Derbenyov and Igor Shaferan) 1976 Plamya (the soloist — Valentin Diyakonov) — Good Day, Mother (lyric by Robert Rojdestvensky) 1982 Valery Leontiev — Thank You, Love (lyric by Igor Shaferan) 1983 Lev Leshchenko — Women (lyric by Leonid Fadeev) 1985 Valery Leontiev — Bitter Apples (lyric by Anatoly Poperechny) 1986 Larisa Dolina — My Notebook (based on the poem by L. Stefar, translated to Russian by Vladimir Soloukhin) 1986 Valery Leontiev — Ballad of Icy House (lyric by Anna Sayed-Shah) 1986 Sergey Zakharov — Why You Have Bypassed Summer? (lyric by Boris Dubrovin) 1986 Electroclub (the soloist — Irina Allegrova) — Birthday (lyric by Simon Osiashvili) 1987 Electroclub (the soloist — Victor Saltykov) — The Lost Bank of River (lyric by Sergey Romanov) 1987 Electroclub (the soloist — Victor Saltykov) — Photo for Memory (lyric by Anatoly Poperechny) 1987 Electroclub (the soloist — Irina Allegrova) — Berry Season (lyric by Anna Sayed-Shah) 1987 Electroclub (the soloist — Victor Saltykov) — No Entrance for Strangers (lyric by Sergey Romanov) 1997 Maxim Leonidov — From Vagantes (translated to Russian by Lev Ginsburg) 2000 Alexander Gradsky — Waltz (lyric by Igor Shaferan) 2005 Anastasiya Stotskaya — Confusion (based on the poem by Anna Akhmatova) 2009 Oleg Mityaev — The Recognition (based on the poem by Alexander Pushkin) 2009 Vitold Petrovsky — The Desire of Glory (based on the poem by Alexander Pushkin) 2010 Relict — Names (lyric by Vladimir Kharitonov) 2010 Vladimir Markin — Is (lyric by Mikhail Nojkin) 2011 Dmitry Tretyakov — Bells of Volokolamsk (lyric by Petr Sinyavsky) See also Karel Gott Anna German Sergey Zakharov Oleg Mityaev

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