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Mon 24 June 2019

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Daisuke Niwa is a clumsy, block-headed, and wimpy middle school student who has few redeeming qualities. On his 14th birthday, he finally decides to confess his love to his longtime crush Risa Harada, but is rejected. In an unexpected turn of events, however, Daisuke finds himself transforming into Dark Mousy, the infamous phantom thief, whenever his mind is set on Risa. Though Daisuke is unaware of this strange heritage, his mother is certainly not: since before the boy was born, his mother had been planning for him to steal valuable works of art and let the name of the elusive art thief be known.

D.N.Angel - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2003-04-03

D.N.Angel - List of D.N.Angel chapters - Netflix

The chapters of the manga series D.N.Angel are written and illustrated by Yukiru Sugisaki. The first chapter premiered in Japan in the November 1997 issue of Monthly Asuka. New chapters were serialized in the magazine monthly until to August 2005, when Sugisaki put the series on an extended hiatus. It eventually returned to serialization, starting in the April 2008 issue of Monthly Asuka, where it continues to run. The series focuses on Daisuke Niwa, a middle school student who transforms into the phantom thief Dark Mousy whenever he thinks about his crush, Risa Harada. The individual chapters are collected and published in tankōbon volumes by Kadokawa Shoten. The first volume was released on November 13, 1997; as of September 2010, 14 volumes have been released. The series is licensed for an English-language release in North America by Tokyopop, which released the first volume of the series in April 2004. On November 8, 2005, Tokyopop released a box set containing the first two volumes of the series. In August 2003, while the primary series was on hiatus, a second manga series, D.N.Angel TV Animation Series began serialization in Monthly Asuka. Also written by Sugisaki, the short series was based on the anime adaptation, which had diverged from the storyline of the manga series. D.N.Angel TV Animation Series finished its serialization in the October 2003 issue. It was published in 5 tankōbon volumes by Kadokawa Shoten.

D.N.Angel - Chapters not yet collected - Netflix

“Stage 4, Part 13” “Stage 4, Part 14.1” “Stage 4, Part 14.2”

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