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Wed 19 June 2019

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Like it or not, people face life-or-death situations all the time. Potential survival in such scenarios can increase if someone knows what to do in certain situations. This hourlong show features experts that debate what to do in dire situations. Whether being caught in a mudslide, near a sinkhole or in the path of a tornado, the panel offers ideas that could help increase the chances of survival in worst-case scenarios on "So You Think You'd Survive?".

So You Think You'd Survive? - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2014-08-10

So You Think You'd Survive? - Joe McDoakes - Netflix

Joe McDoakes is the protagonist of a series of 63 black and white live action comedy one-reel short subjects released between 1942 and 1956. The Joe McDoakes shorts are also known as the Behind the Eight Ball series (for the large eight ball Joe appeared behind in the opening credits) or the So You Want... series (as most of the films were titled). The character's name comes from “Joe Doakes,” which was then a popular American slang term for the average man. The theme song of the series is “I Know that You Know” (music by Vincent Youmans) from his Broadway musical Oh, Please! (1926), used later in the MGM musical Hit the Deck (1955). The entire series was produced and directed by Richard Bare (d/b/a Richard L. Bare Productions) and distributed by Warner Bros. under their Vitaphone brand. George O'Hanlon, who would later provide the voice of George Jetson, starred as Joe McDoakes. These one-reel shorts were co-written by Bare and O'Hanlon, although Bare usually received sole screen credit as writer. Art Gilmore, through 1948, served as the narrator of Joe's humorous efforts to accomplish the activity that was the focus of the short. Gordon Hollingshead, who won five Academy Awards for producing other short subjects for Warner Bros., was also credited as a producer on the series until his death in 1952, although his role on this series was primarily as liaison between the studio and the director.

So You Think You'd Survive? - Billed cast and crew - Netflix

George O'Hanlon - Joe McDoakes Art Gilmore - Narrator (1942–48) Richard Bare - Director/Producer Gordon Hollingshead - Producer

So You Think You'd Survive? - References - Netflix


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