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Sat 29 June 2019

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"The Bill Cunningham Show", Tribune Broadcasting's nationally syndicated daytime talk show launched in 2011, and has made a difference in the lives of viewers, helping to resolve conflicts and mend relationships, while making viewers laugh and giving them hope. The Bill Cunningham Show's guests come to us to get to the bottom of an issue, find out the truth, reveal a secret, reunite with a family member or confront a relationship issue head on. The show also has a fun side. With Bill's witty commentary and "Billisms," his audience is getting to know his humor by chanting his catch phrase, "let's put the cheese on the cracker."

The Bill Cunningham Show - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-09-19

The Bill Cunningham Show - Bloody Bill Cunningham - Netflix

William “Bloody Bill” Cunningham (1756 –1787) was an American loyalist infamous for perpetrating a series of bloody massacres in South Carolina's backcountry in the fall of 1781 as commander of a Tory militia regiment in the Revolutionary War. Though his family were loyal to the British crown, Cunningham initially enlisted in the Continental Army as part of the State of South Carolina's 3rd regiment in 1775. His tenure in the rebel army was an unhappy one and Cunningham changed sides to fight for the British in 1778. He earned the nickname “Bloody Bill” for the violent, ruthless nature of his raids on rebels and patriot civilians.

The Bill Cunningham Show - Post-war life - Netflix

Cunningham's property in present-day Saluda County was confiscated by the local patriot government later in 1782. He was forced to flee to East Florida, something of a hotspot for southern loyalist exiles. There he continued his life as an outlaw. He was accused of leading a band of robbers who looted houses and towns along the coast. Spain's provincial government sent him and his cronies to Havana to stand trial in front of the Viceroy who prohibited them from returning to Spanish territory. Cunningham somehow reentered Florida but was permanently expelled in 1785 for looting along the St. Mary's River. He retired to the Bahamas with his cousin Robert Cunningham later that year. William Cunningham died on January 18, 1787 in Nassau of unknown causes.

The Bill Cunningham Show - References - Netflix


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